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Praying for real

Actress Lynn Whitfield portrayed Lady Mae, the wife of the Bishop for 5 seasons on Greenleaf which aired on OWN. The series finale concluded on Tuesday night August 11 and Whitfield later discussed the show with Forbes Magazine. She explained that during a scene for episode 8 she was praying a real prayer in preparation for what her character was about to do. The veteran entertainer said that she invoked God and He showed up. Many fans were discussing the series finale on social media saying how it moved them to tears. Some said they were brought to their knees during the scene where AJ was saved. While a large number of viewers said that they could feel the presence of the Lord as Lady Mae was preaching, others said it was only television and acting.

You can’t fake the funk

There is a saying that you can’t fake the funk and the presence of the Holy Spirit definitely cannot be faked. No matter how professional an actor is there is one thing that cannot be pretended and that is ushering in the Presence of the Almighty. Those who said they felt the Lord as Lady Mae preached were expressing a fact. Lynn Whitfield might have started out reading a script but once she asked the Lord to take over, He did just that. Her passion as she called on Jesus was the real deal. Sure we have all seen people jump and shout hallelujah at times in attempts to seem spiritual. Even walking by others saying “ God is good“ and hearing them reply, “ All the time” can become a routine just like saying “Good morning’ or “ Have a blessed day.” When the Holy Spirit takes over you know it because you feel Him. Jesus said in Matthew 18:20 that wherever 2 or 3 are gathered in His Name, He is in the midst and He was in the midst of the Greenleaf tapings.

Well done

In addition to Lynn Whitfield, Deborah Joy Winans, (Charity) Keith David, (the Bishop), Lammon Rucker, (Jacob), and Merle Dandridge, (Grace) have all been outspoken about their faith in Christ. David and Dandridge have gone so far as to say they have a spiritual walk with Him more so than being religious. These actors were not merely playing a role, they were ministering to the viewing audience. They were truly gathered to lift up the Name of Jesus and please Him and they received a reward. When Lady Mae was crying out from her heart to Jesus to make her new and she asked the congregation to join it, that was not a performance it was from the heart and many viewers felt the power. I personally had some doubts about Greenleaf in the beginning and questioned what they were trying to convey. The ending of the finale episode expressed what Christianity is all about. Forgiveness, moving forward to a new day, and salvation of lost souls. Lynn Whitfield gave the call of salvation to Jesus who died on the cross for our sins. Her television grandson AJ felt it and was moved to give His life to the Lord. This was the scene that touched so many of the viewers because the Holy Spirit is all about the salvation of the Lost. Kudos to Craig Wright for superb Holy Ghost inspired writing and thank you Oprah for the vision you made come to life.

The future

Lynn Whitfield stated in her Forbes interview that when the director yells action she would say “Come on God” and when it seemed they would seem they were going in one direction but “Oh my God showed up.” and things would go in a different manner. Whitfield, says she hopes Lady Mae will be a part of the spin-off but if not she will be doing something else. She also shared that people had been coming up to the actors indicating that they had dealt with being molested or mistreated because they were homosexual. Whitfield was proud that the show was able to minister to these individuals, as well as those who shared they were dealing with other issues that had been portrayed on the screen. Viewers should be on the lookout for announcements regarding the spin-off as well as the future for the cast members. Please remember you can watch Greenleaf episodes on Netflix at any time..

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