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If you’ve ever thought of taking a trip to Goa with your friends, then you’re more like the characters from Dil Chahta Hai than you realize. And to know which character are you most like, take this quiz: 

2. Your best friend had a break-up. What’s your advice?

3. You have to plan a bachelor’s trip. Pick a location: 

4. What’s the biggest challenge for you at the workplace? 

5. Which of the following desserts would you cheat on your diet for? 

6. Pick your favourite dialogue from the film: 

7. Which of the following underrated sitcom would you love to be a part of?

8. Your mother finds alcohol bottles in your room. How do you explain the situation?

9. Pick a song that best describes your quarantine life: 

10. Pick one of the following supporting characters as your travel companion: 

If you don’t relate to any of the answer options, you’re probably like the only sorted person in this lockdown, Subodh. 

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