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A driver using CarPlay on the dashboard display

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If you have a wired CarPlay-enabled car but want to take things wireless, you can take advantage of a great deal right now. Currently, Lesaps is selling its Apple CarPlay Wireless Adapter for 50 percent off when you use the coupon code 30DTVCGV.

The code expires on Sept. 16, but for the next two days you can get the Wireless CarPlay adapter for $35, half the normal price of $70. Lesaps claims that the adapter can connect and pair your phone with your car in just 15 seconds after the initial pairing. This will allow your iPhone to automatically connect to your car’s CarPlay system whenever you start your car, just as if you had a totally wireless system.

The Lesaps CarPlay Wireless Adapter offers a built-in dual-core chip supporting both 2.4 GHz Bluetooth and 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi data transmissions. These adapters are a great way to turn your CarPlay-enabled car into a wireless CarPlay system, allowing you to get rid of all those messy cables. There are plenty of other CarPlay adapters on offer, but during the current sale, the Lesaps model is worth checking out if you’ve been planning to get one anyway.

This deal is only available until Sept. 16. Put it in your Amazon cart and use the coupon code 30DTVCGV at checkout.

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