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"Genuine Advice": Shikhar Dhawan On Viral Video Of Him Telling Rishabh Pant To Drive Carefully | Cricket News 1
File image of Shikhar Dhawan and Rishabh Pant© TwitterIndian cricket fans woke up to a piece of horrible news on December 30, 2022, when Rishabh Pant was involved in a car crash while driving from New Delhi to Roorkee. Though his vehicle got damaged completely, the star India wicketkeeper-batter miraculously escaped. Pant is currently recovering and recently even posted a video of him walking again. Several former cricketers have been meeting and wishing him well.After the car crash, one particular video went viral where Pant’s India and former Delhi Capitals teammate Shikhar Dhawan could be seen telling him about driving carefully. One advice that you would give me.” Pant can be heard saying in the video. “Garo aaram se chalaya kar (Drive your car carefully),” came the reply from Dhawan.3 years ago. Shikhar Dhawan’s advice to Rishabh Pant.— Sanket Upadhyay (@sanket) December 30, 2022Now, Dhawan has reacted to the video going viral after Pant’s accident.”First of all, I am happy that Rishabh survived the accident and is recovering well. I keep talking to him. I had seen him drive once and I told him to drive carefully when he interviewed me. I didn’t even remember that, but somehow that went viral on social media. I had given him genuine advice, from the heart, asking him to drive carefully,” Dhawan said on Aaj Tak.”When you are 20-21, everyone has that enthusiasm. Rishabh Pant is not the only one who has driven rashly. I also did it when I was of that age. Many other youngsters would have done the same. It’s important to rein in that adrenaline. I gave him advice a bit late, but yes I did give it to him.”Topics mentioned in this article

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