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  • D.J.L. and S.V. designed, led and oversaw the study. G.R.B.S and X.W. were the lead analysts for the study, and they were assisted by D.J.L., S.V., F. Chen, S.-K.J., M. Liu and C.W. Phenotype definitions were developed by L.J.B., M.C.C., J. Kaprio., E.J., D.J.L., M. McGue, M.R.M., S.V. and L.Z. Software development was carried out by X.W., D.J.L., F. Chen and C.W. Multi-ancestry meta-analyses were performed by X.W. Ancestry-stratified meta-analyses were performed by G.R.B.S. and M. Liu. Conditional analyses were performed by X.W. and G.R.B.S. Fine-mapping and allelic heterogeneity were performed by X.W. and G.R.B.S. Replicability analyses were performed by C.W., S.-K.J. and G.R.B.S. Multi-ancestry TWAS were performed by F. Chen. Heritability and genetic correlation analyses were performed by S.-K.J. Polygenic scoring analyses was performed by G.R.B.S. Bioinformatics analyses were performed and interpreted by F. Chen, S.-K.J., G.R.B.S., S.V. and J.A. Stitzel. Figures were created by M. Liu, G.R.B.S., S.-K.J. and S.V. M. Liu and S.V. coordinated among participating cohorts. M.A.E. and M.C.K. helped with data access. G.R.B.S. coordinated authorship and acknowledgement details. C.B., A.W.B., L.B., S.P.D., S.A.G.T., D.B.H., M.R.M. and T.E.T. provided helpful advice and feedback on study design and the manuscript. All authors contributed to and critically reviewed the manuscript. G.R.B.S., X.W., S.-K.J., F. Chen, C.W., D.J.L. and S.V. made major contributions to the writing and editing.

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