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The video has accumulated more than 73,000 views on InstagramIt’s true that effort and commitment are needed to build a lasting friendship. Now, a video of a reunion of two elderly women who have been friends for over 80 years has surfaced on the internet. The heartwarming video of two women ‘exchanging nostalgia for decades’ is winning hearts online.Posted by an Instagram user, Mukil Menon, the video shows grey-haired women greeting each other with smiles while holding each other’s hands. The besties exchanged jokes and laughed their hearts out.Along with the video, Mr Menon wrote, “A friendship of over 80 years. My granny would always tell me that she wants to see her bestie and so I made the two buddies meet each other. Here is how they met and exchanged nostalgia of decades.”Watch the video here:The video was posted on November 1 and it has accumulated more than 73,000 views and over 9,000 likes and several comments on Instagram. The internet loved their bond. A user commented, “Aww this is precious! Can only imagine how they must be feeling.” Another user wrote, “These cute muthashi’s are living Angels. @mukilmenon You are blessed to witness their pure souls filled with innocent love and 80 years of friendship!””So cute so terribly freaking cute,” the third user wrote. “They’re so beautiful,” the fourth expressed.Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The DayFrom Gujarat To Delhi, Political Leaders Turn Up Campaign Volume

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