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Hello Friends, do you play PUBG if yes, then you will know about the PUBG Royal Pass and want to buy it, but it is very expensive and not affordable by everyone, even our parents do not allow to spent money on the games. So, today i have three different ways to get PUBG Royal Pass for free. Just read the complete article and i am sure that you will be able to get you Royal Pass for free in the end of this article. i m gonna share you 3 ways to earn some cash for Royal Pass.

1. Earn Money by Helo App

Helo app is a “Video Share Platform” where people share diffferent kind of videos. Main point is that how can you earn with the “Helo” app.

This application has launch a sceme of “Refer and Earn” though which you can earn suffecient money for your PUBG Royal Pass. If you share the link of app and someone the app from your link then you will get Rs5 and Rs15 for first refer and if that user use the application for 15 days for 5 minutes daily, then you will get Rs300 for each refer. So, you need to share this app to your father, brother, uncle, aunty, friends and on Whatsapp group and convience them to use the app for 5min.daily. Even if they just download the app from your link and dont use the app then also you will  get Rs5 for each download. After 15 days you have more than enough money to buy PUBG Royal Pass.

2. Earn Money by PocketMoney app

You can earn sufficient money to buy RP in just few days using this application.

How to earn money using PocketMoney application :-

# Explore and download the apps from PocketMoney and get cashback and you can reedem this cashback to your       wallet.

# Find Featured offers, Popular offers & High Earning offers

# Play Tambola game in PocketMoney & Earn

# Refer & Earn Rs160 daily.

Above are some methods that how can you earn money from PocketMoney application and reedem it to your wallet.

3. Luck by Chance

Take part in the giveaways on youtube held by big youtubers.

Many big youtubers held big giveaways on the starting of new PUBG sessions. Some of them do giveaway of 50 RP to their subscribers. Some of them do giveaway of UC to their subscribers. Just go to youtube and seach for “PUBG RP Giveaway” OR “PUBG UC Giveaway” and you will finds lot of them just subscribe them and test your luck, if you are lucky enough then you may get a free RP without any efforts.

Join the Custom Romms held by the youtubers or PUBG Mobile Streamers they also give RP or UC as the price to the winner.


So, in this article i try to explain how can you get free PUBG Mobile Royal Pass. If you like this then share it with your friends and tell us in Comment Section on what topic you want the next article. Tell us what is your level in PUBG mobile and on which Tier you are? We will be happy to read your valuable comment. Subscibe us. Stay Happy have a good Day :).

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