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I love to crochet! And I love Halloween! So what better combination is there than to crochet Halloween patterns? I’ve scoured the internet for awesome free patterns and found these cute and scary bats! Please enjoy and get hooking!

1 – Itty Bitty Bat

This itty bitty bat may be small, but it has oodles of character! I love that it resides upside down on its little perch – just like its big real life brothers do! As much as it tries to be fierce, this bat is more of a cuddly one. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

The pattern is clear and works up quickly. You can make a whole garland of Itty Bitty Bats!

2 – Brew The Bat

According to his creator, this little one named Brew the Bat has managed to get into the growth potion, which is why it is a little bigger than his amigurumi friends. I like his plump little body and cute wings and I adore his little scarf! A bat that knows how to accessorize, now thát’s what I like to see!

The pattern is very clear and contains lots of photos for extra instruction.

3 – Halloween Bat Wreath

No holiday is complete without a wreath decoration on your door! And this one is both simple and stunning! I love the friendly smiley bat and the bright green of the wreath itself. Don’t like wreaths? Then just make the cute bat! Anything goes!

The pattern is clear and easy to follow. The website also has a link for an awesome Halloween black cat wreath! So go check it out!

4 – Mask Gone Batty

Don’t have a Halloween costume yet? Looking for a last minute idea? This is the place! This bat mask works up very quickly and is certain to make you stand out in the Halloween crowd!

The pattern is available on the Redheart website after free registration. It has clear instructions and provides extra clearity for the special stitches.

5 – Mystery Bat

Originally part of a mystery CAL (crochet-along) on a Dutch site, the pattern is now translated in English and available for free! It’s a bit goofy and a lot cute and it loves to cuddle you on those scary Halloween nights!

The pattern is available in Dutch and English and is suitable for crocheting in many awesome colors! Get that mystery on and start hooking!

6 – Winged Bat

This friendly little bat likes to keep himself warm on those cold Halloween nights. He has large wings that can be fastened with a handy button. And when he opens them up he’s ready for your cuddles!

The pattern is in Spanish, but the shapes used are fairly simple so this doesn’t have to be a problem. And there’s always Google Translate!

7 – Happy Bat Bag

Look at how happy this bat is! I bet he’s thinking of all the candy he can gather for his little friend. Make your kids’ Halloween complete with this awesome candy bag for Trick-or-Treating or use it without the handle to put candy in for your guests. Either way: CANDY!

The pattern is available on Redheart and can be downloaded after free registration.

8 – Little Vampire Bat

I love this little vampire bat. He will drink your blooood. Or give you cuddles. Either way with its googly eyes and goofy teeth he is a must-have for any Halloween home! You can make a whole army of vampire bats and hang them anywhere you can think of!

The pattern is super simple and works up quickly. Give them their own personality by changing the facial expression!

8 – Bat Cupcake

This pattern is part of the Halloween Cupcake series which also feature many other Halloweeny creatures as adorable crochet cupcakes. Head over there and make them all! The only downside is that you don’t get to eat them… But watch out: they may just eat you!

The pattern is simple and works up quickly. It certainly looks good enough to eat!

9 – Bat Finger Puppet

Now this is how I like my bats: cute, cuddly and small enough to fit on my finger! You can make a whole bat family, giving different accessories to mom, dad and the kids and create a spectacular Halloween play!

The pattern is very clear and it works up incredibly quickly! So make one for every finger and Halloween up your hands!

10 – Distinctly Batty Bat

The blogpost is all in rhyme, incredible! Ánd you get the free pattern for this supercute bat as well. Our Halloween is already complete! Make a cuddly one for everybody!

The pattern is clear and features pictures for extra instruction.

11 – Little Green Bat

It’s simple, it’s green: it’s the little green bat! He’s cute or scary, just give him the facial features you prefer! With it’s little wings he’ll come flying at anyone who dares to enter your Halloween home!

The pattern is clear and works up really quickly – make a whole garland of little green batties!

12 – Kawaii Bat

I love the whole Kawaii trend that’s going on at the moment. It makes everything só cute! And this little bat is no exception – just look at its little face! If this doesn’t make your Halloween cuddly I don’t know what will!

The pattern is short and sweet and very clear. The wings are made of felt, so get your crafting on!

13 – Bat Applique

This is a sweet and simple pattern for a bat applique. You can make it as scary or as friendly as you’d like by changing its little face! I like my Halloween bats scary, and you?

The pattern is simple and very clear. Make one for all your friends and put them on everything!

14 – Cute Halloween Bat

With his little fangs out he’ll come flying at you! It’s the cutest scary attack ever! I just love his little nose and beady eyes. Make one for yourself or for your friends and let him fly around your living room!

The pattern instructions are very clear. You’ll have this little guy flying around in no time!

15 – “Taggle” Monster

I’m not sure what a “taggle monster” is, but I know a bat when I see one! And this one is goofy and cute with his bulging eyes and toothy smile. He’s perfect if you need something to cuddly on those long dark and scary Halloween nights!

The pattern has many clear pictures and good instructions.

16 – Sad Little Bat

He’s looks a little sad. But I’m sure he’ll perk right up if he can live in your Halloween home! He loves to cuddle and will warm everybody’s heart.

The pattern is very elaborate and clear and contains lots of pictures for extra instructional clearity. Make one in every color of the rainbow!

17 – Halloween Bat Magnet

This pattern is suitable for every fridge that need a bit of Halloween decor! He’s a very classy bat with his little bow tie and googly eyes – two of my favorite things! You can also use this applique on anything else: hats, bags, cards, placemats etc.

The pattern is simple, clear and works up very quickly! Bow tie bats for everyone!

18 – Halloween Bat

These bats are a little bit scary and a whole lot cute. Hang them from the ceiling, from doorframes and windowsills to achieve the optimal “fright-factor”. They need to be part of everybody’s Halloween decor!

The pattern is easy to crochet. Use pipe cleaners to spread out the wings for their flight!

19 – Fruit Bat

Not really as scary as his cousin the vampire bat, but still very suitable for Halloween! This little fruit bat is very easy to crochet, making this an excellent pattern for beginners. You can change the face, wings and ears to your liking. Perhaps you can even transform him into a vampire bat!

The pattern is very clear and very simple. Don’t forget his little tuft of hair!

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