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The arrest happened after a series of SSC or tenth class examination papers in Andhra PradeshHyderabad: Former Telugu Desam minister and founder of Narayana group of educational institutions P Narayana has been arrested by the Andhra Pradesh police from Hyderabad.Telugu Desam general secretary Nara Lokesh said it was a politically motivated and vindictive arrest. Some 55 Telugu Desam leaders have been arrested but no charges could be proved against any of them, he said. Advisor to the chief minister Sajjala Ramakrishna described the former TDP minister as a demon in the educational field who allegedly used unfair means to ensure his group of institutions earned a big name by ensuring all his students passed.The arrest happened after a series of SSC or tenth class examination papers in Andhra Pradesh. On April 27, the Telugu paper leaked.According to the police, just before or soon after the exam began, teachers and those from Narayana group of institutions, used their connections with government teachers and others to illegally obtain the question papers.The papers were quickly shared on social media. Answer sheets were prepared and they were shared with the students who needed them.Not just Telugu, other papers too leaked in a similar manner. Some 69 people including 45 teacher (36 government teachers) have been booked.Sajjala Ramakrishna said it was under Narayana’s instructions that those working for him used unfair and illegal means to corrupt government teachers, steal question papers and ensure students in his schools and colleges did well.The police have said Narayana Group focussed largely on mathematics and science to the neglect of languages. Therefore, they tried to make up by ensuring students could cheat and get marks.

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