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A case has been registered and the incident is being investigated. (Representational)New Delhi: A man entered a municipal school in Delhi and allegedly sexually assaulted two girls, said Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal. Ms Maliwal said that she has issued a notice to the police asking them to arrest the accused immediately.The incident occurred at a Delhi Municipal Corporation school on April 30. An unknown person entered the classroom as the students were waiting for the teacher after the morning assembly. He allegedly removed the clothes of two girls. He then closed the door of the classroom and urinated in front of the students.When the students informed the teacher and principal about the incident, they were told to keep quiet and forget about it, Ms Malliwal says in her complaint.”Man barges into MCD school in Delhi & takes off 2 girls’ clothes, then defecates in front of entire class! When the girls told the principal & teacher, they said ‘forget it’! I have issued a notice to the police – the accused should be arrested immediately. The MCD commissioner has also been summoned. Accountability must be certain,” Ms Malliwal said.दिल्ली के MCD स्कूल में आदमी घुस आया & 2 लड़कियों के कपड़े उतारे, फिर पूरी क्लास के सामने शौच किया! लड़कियों ने प्रिन्सिपल & टीचर को बताया तो उन्होंने कहा ‘भूल जाओ’! मैंने पुलिस को नोटिस इशू करा है – आरोपी तुरंत अरेस्ट हो।MCD कमिशनर को भी तलब किया है। जवाबदेही निश्चित होनी चाहिए!— Swati Maliwal (@SwatiJaiHind) May 4, 2022A case has been registered and the incident is being investigated.In Uttar Pradesh, a 13-year-old rape survivor was allegedly raped again by the in-charge of a police station when she had gone there to register a complaint. The teen alleged she was raped by four men, following which she went to the police station to file a complaint along with a relative.

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