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The new crab species has been named ‘Lamarckdromia beagle’.Scientists have discovered a creepy new type of crab that disguises itself by hair scraped from other sea creatures. The crab uses the hair to protect itself from other predators, said the experts.The “fluffy” creature. Instead, they create a coat by trimming the living sponges using their claws.A report in USA News Today said that the crab type has been named Lamarckdromia beagle after Charles Darwin’s ship. It belongs to the Dromiidae family, commonly known as sponge crabs.It was discovered by a family off the coast of Western Australia and they sent it to the local museum for identification, according to a report in The Guardian.”The sponge or ascidian just keeps growing and will mould to the shape of the crab’s back,” Dr Andrew Hosie, a curator of crustacea and worms at the Western Australian Museum, told The Guardian. “It will never attach … it forms a nice cap that fits quite snugly to the top of the crab.”The sponges can be bigger than the crab itself, and also provide a chemical deterrent. “Some of the compounds that these sponges are producing are very noxious,” Dr Hosie said. “There’s not a lot of active predators that would be interested in munching through a sponge just to get to a crab.”The photos of the fuzzy new species have been circulating on the internet, with many users posting hilarious comments on its appearance.”OMG this adorable teddy bear looking sponge crab,” tweeted a user. “I would die for the fluffy hat-wearing crab,” said another.Click for more trending news

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