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Bengaluru rain: The living room of a villa in Bengaluru is seen completely flooded.More rain is in store for Bengaluru, which has already been battered by flooding triggered by the downpour in the last two days. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted heavy rainfall in the Karnataka capital and other parts in southern region of the state in the next two days. During the two days of rain, several Bengaluru residents shared scenes of flooded neighbourhoods and boats rescuing them. Many luxury cars parked in an upscale neighbourhood in Bengaluru were also completely submerged.The water entered the living room of one of the villas in Yamalur area in the city. These apartments cost Rs 7-10 crore.The torrential rain forced tech workers to get to the office by boat or tractor and left some residents struggling to evacuate.According to IMD data, the Bengaluru City observatory recorded 251.4 mm of rainfall in the last four days, including 131.6 mm on Sunday, the highest 24-hour precipitation in September in 34 years.However, senior IMD scientist RK Jenamani said this was not a localised phenomenon and excess rainfall has been reported in Tamil Nadu, Lakshadweep, north interior Karnataka, south interior Karnataka in the last one week.On September 3-4, a convergence line extended from Comorin area to north interior Karnataka at lower level, the IMD said. A convergence line is a band of cloud that remains fairly stationary and can produce large amounts of rain across a relatively small area. Thereafter, a cyclonic circulation formed over south interior Karnataka. It lay near Bengaluru on September 4 night.

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