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If you are a Fifa fan and you still play Fifa 15, this article will definitely guide you as to which players to buy during your journey. The Fifa 14 and 15 onwards career modes have a major drawback as compared to Fifa 13 career mode as they dont give the option of “search by overall”. So, this means its very difficult to keep an eye on growing talents. Also you have to scout almost all the young players since you know very little about them. One food thing about this game as compared to Fifa 13 is that it gives us an option to control the youth academy which can develop generational talents.

Defence is the part of game crucial to the victories. As the famous Sir Alex quote states that ” attack wins you games, defence wins you titles.”

Following are some of the best suited Fifa 15 career mode defenders according to their positions.


1.Hugo Lloris

OVR:85              POT:94

This player shows a tremendous growth in Fifa 15 career. Now according to futwiz and other important websites, his growth potential is +1 but in reality he can really grow upto +9.

2.Manuel Neuer

OVR:90              POT:94

Offcourse one of the big guns of the game. Sure is the most expensive option but the best if you want.

OTHER OPTIONS:     Thibaut Courtois, David de Gea

YOUNGSTERS:           Aitor Fernandez, Chiri



1.Matt Hummels

OVR:86              POT:91

The BVB centreback is surely one of the biggest names in the game. Can be traded for Pique or Ramos if you are playing Barca, Real respectively.

2.Jerome Boateng

OVR:86               POT:90

Another young German defender. Has high potential. Really a generational talent.

OTHER OPTIONS: Gerard Pique, Sergio Ramos

YOUNGSTERS: Raphel Varane, John Stones, Emre Can, David Kinsombi, Aymeric Laporte


1.David Alaba

OVR:83           POT:92

Arguably the best defender of the game. Highly physical defender of the ball.

2.Jordi Alba

OVR:81              POTENTIAL:87

The Barca LB is also a good alternative

OTHER OPTIONS: Marcelo, Evra

YOUNGSTERS: Alex Telles, Luke Shaw



1. Phillip Lahm


The only drawback this amazing player has in this game is his age.

2.Dani Alves


The 5 times fifa pro 11 winner is surely a name not to be forgotten in the game.

OTHER OPTIONS: Kyle Walker, Dani Carvajal, Mattia De Sciglio

YOUNGSTERS: Calum Chambers




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