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Charles Sobhraj was released from a Nepal prison today.New Delhi:
Charles Sobhraj, responsible for multiple murders in the 1970s today said that he felt “great” after being released from a Nepal prison today. The French serial killer was freed on health grounds. Here is what Charles Sobhraj said after his release:”I feel great… I have a lot to do. I have to sue a lot of people. Including the state of Nepal”When asked if he had been wrongly described as a serial killer, Charles Sobhraj said “Yes, Yes.””When I came in (went to prison), I didn’t do anything.””I am innocent in those cases, ok? So I don’t have to feel bad for that, or good. I am innocent. It was built on fake documents.””I really didn’t do it, and I think I will be out,” Sobhraj had told AFP in 2007 during an interview at Kathmandu’s Central Jail.Post a comment Featured Video Of The DayVideo: Moment When Massive Avalanche Hits Skier, Buries Him

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