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The study was conducted on 62 health care workers in Chennai, India, who were counselling the asymptomatic family members of coronavirus patients. Their work was to primarily inform and educate family contacts of COVID-19 positive individuals about hand sanitizing, respiratory hygiene measures, social distancing and correct usage of face masks and face covers. All the health workers had tested negative for COVID-19 before the training started and they were asked to stay in separate hotels. They did not visit their family for the duration of the training and neither did they go out in public settings except for work.

Health workers were allotted alcohol hand rub, 3-layered surgical masks, gloves, and shoe covers as their personal protective gears to counsel the family members of COVID-19 patients. All the 62 workers had visited 5880 homes in total between May 4 and May 13, where 222 people had tested positive for SARS-CoV-2.

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