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Internet users poked fun and wrote that the big cat was probably looking for Cheetos.A potentially dangerous exotic cat is on loose in the United States and animal rescue has asked residents to keep an eye out for it. Taking to Facebook, the Strong Island Animal Rescue League said that it got a call about the cat on Wednesday and it has been loose on Long Island since. Speaking to New York Post, Roy Gross, of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), said, “Safeguard your children, safeguard your pets. They are a type of animal that can be extremely dangerous.” “It’s probably gonna be hungry, and it’s probably frightened,” he added.Take a look at the images of the exotic cat below: Separately, Humane Long Island, an animal advocacy organisation, posted on Facebook that a plan has been formulated when and if the cat is located. “We are in touch with the New York DEC and Suffolk County SPCA and have informed these authorities that Save The Animals Rescue (STAR) Foundation is willing and able to foster the big cat and Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge has offered to give them a permanent home.” the organisation added.Also Read | Philippines Lawmaker Proposes Bill To Declare “Ghosting” An Emotional Offence As per the Post, the exotic animal was spotted prowling through a residential section of West Islip on Tuesday. It is still not clear why the big cat was loose. Officials believe that it was an illegally held exotic pet. “The owner may have raised it from a little kitten and it may or may not know how to fend for itself,” Mr Ross told the outlet. Meanwhile, in the comment section of the post, one person wrote, “Everyone should be concerned about a pet or person getting hurt. This is a matter for authorities, not amateurs. This is not a lost pet. It’s a dangerous animal.” Others simply poked fun and wrote that the big cat was probably looking for Cheetos. Click for more trending news

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