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The palace has become a tourist spot of sorts with a constant stream of people exploring the compounds.Colombo: Sri Lankan protesters who have been occupying President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s official residence for over 48 hours now, with videos showing them treating themselves to the luxuries of the palace, have discovered a secret bunker while ransacking the building. Reporting from inside the Presidential palace, NDTV also spotted the secret bunker where protesters were flocking in curiosity. The bunker is concealed by a fake cupboard, which the protesters have broken down to access the hidden areas of the palace. The bunker is accessible by both stairs and an elevator. However, the door to it remains shut. The heavy metal security door could not be forced open or broken down. It has scratches and other marks showing people unsuccessfully did try to knock it down.The protesters have questioned what President Rajapaksa was hiding in the bunker, even suggesting that he has stored the money “looted” from the people of the country.Earlier today, protesters discovered 17.85 million in Sri Lankan rupee (about $50,000) from the palace in crisp new banknotes but turned it over to police, news agency AFP reported.Angry protesters are still ransacking the palace to see the luxurious life the President was leading while the island nation went through a severe economic crisis with the people forced to come out on the streets in protest against economic mismanagement.The palace has become a tourist spot of sorts with a constant stream of people exploring the compounds. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa took up residence at the two-century-old building after he was driven out of his private home on March 31 when protesters tried to storm it.The 73-year-old leader escaped through a back door under escort from naval personnel and was taken away by boat, heading to the northeast of the island, official sources told AFP.His exact whereabouts were not known Monday morning, but Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s office said President Rajapaksa had officially informed him of his intention to resign, without specifying a date.

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