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I am always looking for found footage films to watch. This was a little tricky to find, but I eventually tracked it down on Amazon (Prime having it the cheapest) and rented it. It’s hard to disappoint me with this style, most of what I have viewed so far has been from an average experience to an exceptional one.

Evidence starts very slowly, with a very generic first act introducing the 4 friends. Their resistance to the plot of camping and documenting a maiden voyage began to grate on my patience by the time the group reached a campsite. No-one wants to really be there and no-one really wants to take part. Unlike other movies of this type, I found this really strange.

I rarely find any character annoying. I am part of many movie forums and am often surprised at others irritability when it comes to casting. A combination of Brett whining about the camera and Ashley’s mooning of the camera quickly began to cause my forehead to crinkle a little.

Acting-wise, they were fine but by the end, I began to wonder if all their time got spent being fancy and not writing any kind of script. I imagined the script to look a little like this;

Ashley – is being humorous
Brett – doesn’t want the camera pointed at him
Abi – is trying to keep the peace
They arrive at a look-out— everyone gets scared, and so on and so forth.

Then, of course, the camera work itself. Many people I see that comment about found footage, either say it’s a lazy way to make a movie or it makes them suffer motion sickness. As someone who actually suffers motion sickness on everything from jogging machines to boats, I have never found this true. Until now. This is the type of movie that would turn anyone who has ever felt like that to never watch a found footage film again. Lots and lots of lights on lights off, lights on, lights off with some extremely shaky viewing.

Final Thoughts

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About halfway, the general tone shifts where you would expect it to. Then it shifts again. But then it shifts on its head upside-down and does an aerobic somersault. I tried to stay with it but I really do value good story-telling above most things and this just takes a turn that could have worked but wasn’t consistent enough to do it.

The budget these guys had been a tiny $12 000. I feel like if they had just simplified a little, this film would’ve been something really great. Instead, Evidence missed the mark for me, overshot and landed in the far off distant bushes. I’m staying out of spoiler territory here but see below for a spoiler section and explanation in-case you are one that needed one.

I stuck around to the credits and among what looked like computer credits was information I would’ve missed had I not been sitting there wondering why they decided to go the way they did and spend copious amounts of time running towards danger when they would’ve built some nice tense scenes and less running.

I give Evidence 2 vomit inducing cinematographers out of 5

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