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"Dogs Are Known For Loyalty": Karnataka Chief Minister On 'Puppy' Remark 1
Basavaraj Bommai said he was working loyally for the people.Bengaluru: Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Wednesday hit back at opposition leader Siddaramaiah for calling him a “puppy” before Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying it reflected the Congress veteran’s personality.”This reflects the personality of Siddaramaiah. I don’t want to comment on this. Dogs are known for their loyalty. I am working out of loyalty to the people. Unlike those who lie and break society. I am working faithfully,” he said.Mr Bommai also said PM Modi is like “Kamadhenu” (a mythological wish-fulfilling cow) who gave many projects to Karnataka for the first time since independence.Siddaramaiah had called Mr Bommai a puppy for “failing” to get over Rs 5,000 crore for the state from the centre, as recommended by the 15th Finance Commission, and dared the Chief Minister “to show some courage”.”Basavaraj Bommai, you are like a puppy in front of Narendra Modi. You tremble before him,” the Congress leader remarked at a rally.The former Chief Minister pointed out that the 15th Finance Commission in its interim report recommended a special allowance of Rs 5,495 crore for Karnataka.”But our Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaramam, a Rajya Sabha member from Karnataka, wrote to the Finance Commission chairperson N K Singh that it is not possible for us to give the Rs 5,495 crore. She asked the chairperson to drop the issue,” Siddaramaiah claimed.”Karnataka sent 25 BJP MPs to the Lok Sabha. You (Bommai) came to power through ‘Operation Lotus’ in Karnataka. If you have guts and courage, then get Rs 5,495 crore from the Centre,” the Congress said to the Chief Minister.Reacting to that, Mr Bommai said the people would give a fitting reply in the assembly election, which is about four months away”Narendra Modi gave 6,000 km of highway to Karnataka, which is a record in the post-independence period. He also approved the Bengaluru-Mysuru highway project, Mangaluru-Karwar ports and Kalasa-Bandura project,” Mr Bommai told reporters.He said that in the coming days, the Upper Krishna project would be declared a national project and grants would be released. He also said most major cities in the state have been cleared for being transformed into “smart cities” which involve upgraded infrastructure.Featured Video Of The Day’Poll’arising Politics At Play In Karnataka Ahead of Elections

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