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PSPCA is investigating this heinous act.A dog in the United States miraculously survived getting shot in the head, after he ran away from a breeding farm where he lived and went missing. Taking to Instagram, the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PSPCA) posted photos of the dog, identified as a corgi named Arthur, and shared the pooch’s story in the caption. “Arthur is lucky to be alive. And that is not an understatement,” PSPCA wrote. The organisation said that Arthur was found in the rural town of New Holland, Lancaster County, after crawling under a fence. Initially, the property owners told PSPCA that they thought the injured pooch’s head wound stemmed from the fence, however, vets later determined that he was, in fact, shot between the eyes and seemingly left for dead. The wound on the dog’s head was large and covered in debris. “He was in too much pain for a full exam, so he was started on pain medication & antibiotics.” the organisation added. Further, the shelter said that when the veterinary staff treated him for his wound, an X-ray showed how close the bullet fragments came to killing him. Also Read | Man Sends Neighbour Comic Strip To Complain About Barking Dog”Arthur had been shot at an angle that miraculously missed his brain. The bullet left a hole in Arthur’s head & caused damage to his airway passages and mouth. He was covered in fleas, had ear infections and was anaemic,” PSPCA wrote in the caption. Fortunately, the dog survived. However, it is still not clear who shot the pooch. The PSPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement team is investigating this heinous act. Meanwhile, Arthur is doing extremely well. He is spending his days in the hospital being treated with oral and topical antibiotics. His wound is also healing wonderfully and his breathing has vastly improved. PSPCA is hopeful that Arthur will make a full recovery. Click for more trending news

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