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Bollywood actress Disha Patani is one of the fittest celebrities in the industry. She leaves no stone unturned to inspire the youth today with her perfect physique and rigorous workout routine. And, her Instagram account speaks as proof. Well, can you believe that Disha also has cheat days? The actress decided to follow her food cravings and gorge on some delicious puri, chickpea curry, boiled potato curry along with Colocasia leaves snack, what we commonly call Arbi ke patte ke pakode. If you still can’t believe it, then take a look at the picture here:(Also Read: ‘Malang’ Actor Aditya Roy Kapoor Gives Us A Peek Into Disha Patani’s Sunday Meal)Instagram story by Disha PataniHas Disha Patani’s cheat day platter has inspired you to prepare something similar for yourself? If yes, then we have something for you. We have curated a list of recipes that you can prepare at home. But there is a catch. We have given it a healthy twist. (Also Read: Shilpa Shetty And Disha Patani Both Chose The Same Mumbai Restaurant For Their Sinful Sunday Binges!)Here are a few ways that can help you make your cheat days healthier.1.Replace Potato Fries With Sweet PotatoesMany of us love eating fried potatoes but they are loaded with calories. Just to be on the safer side, if you really want to indulge in fried potatoes, replace that with sweet potato or experiment with carrots alongside. Don’t forget to add chat masala.  2.Add Chickpea To Your SaladWe enjoy having salad with the main course. Instead of having a simple salad with tomatoes and onions, add chickpea (kabuli chana) and tofu along with some spices that will make your salad healthy and rich in protein. 3.Kuttu Ki PuriThis time, when your heart tells you to gorge on some deep-fried puris, replace your regular puris with kuttu puris. These are tasty, healthy, and gluten-free. Usually consumed while fasting, these puris are made up of kuttu aata. Of course, you can enjoy it even when you are not fasting.4.Arbi Aur Patta Curry (Colocasia leaves snacks)This one is a summer delight. You can prepare it both ways – gravy and dry.  Just to give an add on punch of flavours throw some jeera powder and chillis. Voila.5.Dum PaneerDum aloo is a go-to recipe for most of us. But have you heard of dum paneer? Try this healthy and tasty option at home this weekend. It won’t require much time and the right balance of all the spices along with the taste of paneer will surely make you drool.

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