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The government defended move to amend foreign contribution law for NGOsNew Delhi: The centre has defended its move to amend a law on foreign funding for non-profits over concerns that most of the money comes for development work is often diverted to train Maoists. During a Supreme Court hearing on a challenge against the amended Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act or FCRA, the government said the changes in this law would ensure funds that came from abroad to non-profits are used for their publicly stated and intended purpose, and not spent on other uses that could harm the country.”Foreign contributions, if unregulated, can cause devastating consequences to the sovereignty of the nation. We need to regulate foreign funds. There may be money coming in for Maoist activity or to destabilise the country,” the government said. “Intelligence Bureau has reported that quite often, money coming for development work is used to train Maoists,” the government told the Supreme Court.The petitioners Noel Harper and Jeevan Jyothi Charitable Trust countered the government with an example from the COVID-19 pandemic, that “half of the administration that has happened in the country during Covid is through NGOs.” They said any assumption that all non-profits are criminals and work against sovereignty and integrity of the nation is wrong.

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