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The viral picture was shared by a hospital in the Polish city of KielceAn ardent football fan took the FIFA World Cup madness to the next level when he was pictured watching the game while getting operated on in the hospital. The jaw-dropping picture also captured the attention of noted Indian industrialist, Anand Mahindra, who asked his followers if the man deserves some kind of trophy. The viral picture was reportedly taken in and shared by a hospital in the Polish city of Kielce.Mr Mahindra shared Notes from Poland’s tweet, the caption of which reads, “A man in Poland continued watching the World Cup even while having an operation under spinal anaesthesia. The picture was shared by the hospital treating him, SP ZOZ MSWiA in Kielce.” See the picture here:Hey @FIFAcom Don’t you think this gentleman deserves some kind of trophy…???— anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) December 8, 2022The picture shows a FIFA World Cup match playing out on a television screen inside the operating theatre even as doctors continued with the surgery. Meanwhile, the patient’s eyes were glued to the TV. The incident was reported from the hospital treating him, SP ZOZ MSWiA in Poland’s Kielce, as per the tweet. Notably, the man underwent surgery on his lower regions in Kielce on November 25. He asked surgeons if he could watch the match between Wales and Iran while they performed the procedure. His request was granted and a television set was brought into the operation theatre while the man was given spinal anaesthesia. Spinal anaesthesia is used to numb the body from the waist down while the patient remains awake.A user reacted to the picture and wrote, “Along with the patient, the medical professionals deserve larger trophy for managing him to watch while doing surgery:)” Another said, ”It is very much common in OTs now a days sir. To relieve anxiety of patient, we need to do such practices. A good music, a web series episode or even live #Fifa match cn solve the issue.” A third commented, ” Goes to show, the craze for football is UNPARALALLED in when it comes to sport! FIFA should identify these FANS or ACs and felicitate them during closing ceremony!” Click for more trending newsFeatured Video Of The Day”Will Win Between 40 To 41 Seats”: Himachal Congress Chief

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