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Want Delhi to have a nightlife just like Mumbai, that’s why we are creating such policies: Manish SisodiaNew Delhi: Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia presented the 8th budget in a row on Saturday. Soon after presenting the budget, he praised Mumbai’s nightlife and announced that soon Delhi will also have such a nightlife.Delhi Finance Minister Sisodia presented a budget of Rs. 75,800 crore for the year 2022-23. Last year the budget which he presented was of Rs 69,000 crore.Answering the query of ANI reporter about the employment generation on whether the jobs talked about in the budget will be specifically 20 lakh jobs or whether employment will be generated, he answered that we will be supporting business, through it, we are planning to create more jobs further.Praising the nightlife of Mumbai, Mr Sisodia said that, “In the capital today if anybody wants to put a food truck then he does it through ‘setting’ because of which both quality and nightlife is compromised. People eat at these outlets because of helplessness. We want Delhi to have a nightlife just like Mumbai, that’s why we are creating such policies. Food trucks play an important role in such lifestyles. Under it we will ensure both quality and law and order in the capital.”During the budget presentation in the assembly Mr Sisodia also announced that the AAP government will be holding shopping and Delhi wholesale festivals to encourage business.”We are planning to hold Delhi shopping festival and Delhi wholesale festival. Businessmen participating in these festivals will give a rebate to people and we will give them a rebate of taxation. To push up the trade whenever these businessmen will give rebates to people our government will stand by them. Thus with the increase in business morale of businessmen will also be boosted.”Emphasising the constrained relation between the Delhi government and MCD he said that for the implementation of certain schemes involvement and clearance of MCD is also required.MCD is formed to serve the residents of Delhi and if any issue comes up, then we will stand by Delhi people for their due right, he said.Speaking about the budget allocation to education Mr Sisodia said that we are spending 21 per cent of the total budget on education. Delhi still tops the chart on spending on education.Although we have made a lot of rooms and universities still we need to take the level of education higher. To increase the budget whatever is required Kejriwal government will fulfil it.

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