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I LOVE You. These three words are the most original words to say for the expression of love; however, they are equally challenging to understand.


I, like many others, regret using these three words without fully knowing if I loved the person. Exactly, we often misinterpret love for the attraction( which is a smart way nature ensured the functioning of an essential process of survival, Reproduction). Although I do agree with the fact that every human falls in love at least once in a lifetime, indeed, we all get attracted to others multiple times in a day.

Here is how I fell for a guy so hard for the first time in my life. I was in the 10th standard, and I was quite an unapproachable and severe type of girl. I used to spend my whole day studying, which comprised going to school then for acting classes and then self-study. As I was in the intermediate phase of my teenage, I went through hormonal changes in my body(this is something my gynecologist used to tell me).

To be specific, it was the seventh day of mid-semester when Mr perfect enrolled himself at tuition classes. On his very first day, he sat on the bench, which was next to my seat in the very first row. There was no attraction at first sight(because I didn’t look at him even for a second). I never knew that my years of suffering were about to begin soon. I sat there, trying to prove to my classmates how good I was at my studies. If I talk about how I used to look, I used to be a nerdy girl, without even the slightest hint about how to look attractive. With time, I started liking him on my subconscious level. He was a boy with a charming personality. Most of the girls were crazy about him.

One day at school was sitting with my friends in the playground after draining myself by playing basketball. They all started with the most popular question of that time ‘who is your crush.’ Everyone told me about their crushes, but when my turn came, I said, “I don’t have one.” They doubted me and asked if I was lying. Surprisingly, one of my BFFs noted that she knew who my crush was and pointed at our class monitor at school. I denied politely because he was my best friend, and out of the blue I spoke,” I like the personality of the new guy at my tuition.” They all started to burst me with questions about this new guy. In the end, our group leader named Shikha concluded that I was in love. Each day the girls from my class started chasing me by calling me by his first name. This was never an issue for me because none of my school mates studied at my tuition. I started recognizing my feelings for him. Later, I figured out that I loved him in a way a girl likes a guy (this was relatively new for me). I started noticing him every day. His presence brought a broad smile on my face, and his absence made me feel miserable. I felt envious when he talked to other girls about their love interests and experiences. This was part of his character, and he was quite open about talking about love. He usually chose the most attractive girls in class for his chats. Indeed, I was never one of them.

But one day, everything changed like destiny chose a path for me.

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