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Intelligence agencies have unearthed a cybersecurity breach by military officials which is suspected to be linked to espionage-related activities by a neighbouring country.Responding to an ANI query on the cybersecurity breach issue, defence sources said: “The military and intelligence agencies have unearthed a cybersecurity breach by some military officials, which is likely to be linked to espionage-related activities by a neighbouring country.””The breach has been reported on certain WhatsApp groups,” the defence sources told ANI.On the issue of action being taken against the officials facing the allegations, the sources said that “an inquiry, which has been promptly ordered, is in progress. Acts of infringements to existing orders especially involving counterintelligence matters, by military officials, are dealt with strictest possible manner, as they are subject to Official Secrets Act.”The sources said that the strictest possible action would be taken against all the officials who are found guilty in the ongoing investigations.Asked to provide further details in the matter, the defence sources said, “Due to sensitivities involved and the nature of the investigation, we would request to avoid speculation on the nature of the breach or seeking out personnel involved as it would compromise the ongoing investigations into the case.”In recent times, suspected Pakistani and Chinese intelligence operatives have been attempting to engage with military personnel on social media platforms in an effort to gain sensitive information from them on the military and its activities.Even though the majority of their attempts fail, they have been able to extract information from some of the military personnel who fall into their trap.Officials are from time to time asked to follow standard operating procedures and guidelines while using social media to prevent such cases.

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