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Crude oil production in October 2021 remained below the targetDomestic crude oil production in October 2021 fell 5.95 per cent short of the target for the month and stood at 2,512.46 thousand metric tonnes (TMT), according to data released by the petroleum ministry.It was also 2.15 per cent lower than the production seen in October 2020, the data said further.Cumulative crude oil production during April-October, 2021 was 17,437.03 TMT, which was 4.02 per cent and 2.81 per cent lower than target for the period (October 2021) and production during corresponding period of last year respectively.Natural gas production during October 2021 was 3,016.81 million metric standard cubic meters (mmscm), which is 24.72 per cent higher than the production of October 2020 but 9.37 per cent lower than the monthly target (October 2021).Cumulative natural gas production during April-October2021 was 19,907.74 mmscm, which is 21.59 per cent higher than production during corresponding period of last year but 7.15 per cent lower when compared with target for the period.

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