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Many of us pledge every day to stick to our no-sugar, low-calorie diet resolutions, and yet at the sight of a sinfully delicious chocolate cake or a slice of a super moist banana bread, we find our resolution weakening. If you are like us and find it difficult to stick to your resolution, do not fear, for celebrity nutritionist Nmami Agarwal has given us a glimpse into the perfectly decadent dessert that will not only warm your heart and stomach with unbridled joy but will leave you guilt-free as well.Recently, Nmami shared her go-to dessert in an Instagram video — banana dipped in melted dark chocolate, and wrote alongside, “This is for my sweet cravings! Banana dipped in dark chocolate.” The video left us running to our kitchens. Take a look at her story:(Also Read: Nmami Agarwal Gives Us Glimpse of Yummy Mango Chutney – We Found The Recipe Too)Instagram story by Nmami AgarwalBananas contain many important nutrients that are beneficial to the body. A very rich source of potassium and iron, which will help improve the haemoglobin content in your blood, bananas also contain low calories and are a perfect snack option for those watching their daily calorie intake.Dark chocolate is known to reduce heart inflammation and relieve blood pressure and is as delicious. Aside from the various health benefits of both bananas and dark chocolate, they come together to create a sinfully delectable dessert that will leave you craving for more.(Also Read: Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal Shares 5 Reasons To Add Grapes To Your Diet)In her video, Nmami is seen dipping a sliced-up banana into a bowl of melted dark chocolate to make a simple and yummy snack. However, if you want to be a little extra and jazz up your version of the simple dessert, we have the perfect banana chocolate pops recipe for you.If you still want to indulge in that sinful chocolate craving on a cheat day, check out this delicious eggless chocolate banana cake recipe.Try these fun and delicious recipes to satisfy that sweet tooth.

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