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As usual, the impact of coronavirus globally is affecting a multitude of fields. We have already seen how it has forced many international events to modify their plans.

The striking thing, in this case, is that the outbreak of the virus in China has led to an increase in sales of one of the exclusive Nintendo Switch: Ring Fit Adventure.

That because? The possibility was explained by Daniel Ahmad, an expert videogame analyst when trying to analyze the situation that exposed a multitude of Chinese vendors trying to negotiate with prices of more than $ 250 for each unit of the game.

According to the theory of the expert, the seclusion of thousands of Chinese in their own homes because of fear has caused them to decide to spend time playing the exclusive Nintendo. “People have been trapped at home for the past month. Playing is a way of spending time.

Other causes that the analyst shuffles are the global shortage of the title and the short viral videos that show the game. And it seems that Ring Fit Adventure is not the only game that has seen an increase in sales after the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Recall that a few weeks ago we talked about the fact that the developers of Pague Inc. had to make a statement to make it clear that it was not “a scientific model” after the excessive increase in sales among Chinese users.

The bigger picture for consumer spending is, however, bleak as the outbreak keeps large parts of China’s population either in quarantine or simply discourages people from venturing outside. Many businesses have yet to get back up to full speed as quarantine and travel restrictions cause shortages of both workers and supplies.

Sales of small washing machines have also jumped as people avoid laundromats, up more than sixfold during Feb. 1-19 compared to the same period last month, according to South Korean supermarket chain Homeplus Co Ltd.

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