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The minister said the ‘Omicron’ infected are being treated at Bowring Hospital in Bengaluru (File)Bengaluru: Karnataka health minister on Monday said that the contacts of those infected with ‘Omicron’ variant of coronavirus did not display any symptoms of the disease and this showed the importance of vaccinations in developing immunity.Addressing reporters, Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar said that only two cases of ‘Omicron’ were found in the state and the genomic sequencing analysis report is awaited.”The genomic sequence report of those in contact with the infected has not yet arrived. New infections have been discovered in other states. The primary and secondary contacts of the infected too, are found to have no problems or symptoms. The infected are being treated at the Bowring Hospital. Those who came in contact with the ‘Omicron’ infected have received both vaccine doses,” Dr Sudhakar said.”The severity of ‘Omicron’ infection will be low in those who have taken the two-dose vaccine. The mild symptoms of the contacts of the infected stand proof of this. A single dose of vaccine will not provide complete immunity. It develops only when both doses are taken,” he said.The minister also urged every eligible to mandatorily take the vaccine at the earliest.

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