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According to the post, the trip was organised in May this year.An Australian company is making waves on the internet for taking its entire staff to Bali in Indonesia on an all-expenses-paid trip.The company, Sydney-based marketing firm Soup Agency, took the employees to Bali for two weeks. And its boss is now being tagged as the “world’s best boss”.The company shared a video from the trip on its Instagram handle on June 9 that is going viral now. “A wrap up of Bali – first working holiday as a team,” reads the caption.In the viral video, employees are seen going on morning hikes, quad biking, working by the pool, performing yoga, and eating and drinking together while attending meetings.According to the post, the trip was organised in May this year.Users were left amused and posted a barrage of comments. “Lucky employees……..we can just dream about that,” a user wrote.”If only I can get such cool agency and boss,” commented a second user.A third one wrote, “Any open positions available??”According to company’s website, Soup Agency is an independent digital marketing agency in Sydney, and is known for inventive, data-driven campaigns that provide outstanding outcomes.In May, this year, a casino in Las Vegas surprised its 5,400 employees by giving each of them a $5,000 bonus (Rs 3.86 lakh), according to ABC7.Employees were filled with tears of joy after Bill McBeath, the chief executive officer (CEO) of The Cosmopolitan, made the announcement. The total cost for bonuses to all the 5,400 employees were $27 million (Rs 208 crore), the report further said.The Cosmopolitan CEO also awarded vacation trips to San Diego and Hawaii to his two corporate workers Staci Stafford, a home tasks employee teacher and Samira Harbali, a server at the lodge. Click for more trending news

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