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Cold Wave: 7 Warm And Nourishing Recipes To Beat Winter Chills 1
India is experiencing a bitter cold wave, especially across the Northern part. Frozen lakes, heavy snowfall, sub-zero temperatures and biting cold winds are what characterise the winter season. Thankfully, there are many warm and nourishing recipes that can keep us warm from within. These are seasonal dishes made with ingredients that are best consumed during cold winter months for their warming properties. Further, they boost immunity and may help keep seasonal infections and diseases at bay. So now, you can stay warm during the cold wave without compromising on taste.Here Are 7 Warm And Nourishing Recipes To Beat Winter Chills:1. Mooli ParathaMade with whole wheat and loaded with ghee, paratha is a winter staple. Fill it with seasonal vegetables such as radish or mooli and you have a winner! Make this delicious mooli paratha and enjoy it during the winter season. Click here for the recipe.(Also Read: Methi Paratha, Mooli Paratha And More: 5 Winter Parathas That You Must Try)Mooli ka paratha is a delightful winter recipe that can help fight cold wave. Photo: iStock2. Sarson Ka SaagSarson ka saag, or mustard leaves, can be an excellent recipe for winter immunity as it is abundant in Vitamin C. It is also rich in fibre and supports healthy digestion. Pair it with makki ki roti and jaggery, and your winter meal is complete! Click here for the full recipe.3. Roasted Tomato SoupSoups can be an excellent way to keep the body warm during cold waves. This roasted tomato and herb soup is the ideal recipe for winter that will also stock up with good nutrition. Pour it into a cup, wrap your hands around it and enjoy. Find the full recipe here.(Also Read: 7 Protein-Packed Chicken Soups For Winter)Warm and nourishing, tomato soup is an excellent winter recipe. Photo: iStock4. HaleemSlow-cooked lamb with spices, lentils and broken wheat – Haleem is a hit among foodies. The warming broth is a must-have during winter to keep yourself warm and nourished. The delectable taste is an added bonus! Click here for the full recipe.5. Sweet Potato CutletShakarkandhi or sweet potato is another winter favourite that is known to be extremely beneficial for health. Apart from boosting immunity and digestion, it is also good for eye health. Try this quick and easy sweet potato cutlet recipe for a low-calorie twist to your usual shakarkandhi recipe. Find the full recipe here.(Also Read: Sweet Potato Fries And More: 7 Sweet Potato Snacks You Must Try)There are many laddoo recipes in winter that you can make. Photo: iStock6. Moongfali Til LaddooBoth peanuts and sesame (til) are ingredients experts recommend to keep the body warm. This crunchy moongfali til laddoo thus makes for an excellent addition to your winter menu to tackle the cold wave. Enjoy it by itself as a snack or a post-meal dessert! Click here for the full recipe.7. Gehun Ki KheerSpeaking of desserts, there are so many winter desserts that are nourishing and delicious too. This gehun ki kheer is made with broken wheat, ghee, jaggery and nuts. Trust us, you won’t be able to stop at just one bite. Find the full recipe here.Stay warm, and stay healthy!Featured Video Of The DayMurmura Poha Recipes | How To Make Murmura Poha

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