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The Disney Collection at Chewy

What do Disney fanatics love more than superheroes and anthropomorphic mice? Their pets! So when a collab was announced between the House of Mouse and Chewy, it seemed like a logical step for both companies. The comprehensive Disney Shop collection at Chewy includes over 400 items, and there’s absolutely something for pets from all fandoms. Not only does it cover Mickey Mouse and pals, but you’ll find pieces from Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. This collection is available only at Chewy, dropping just in time for National Pet Day (April 11). Snag a cute shirt, comfy bed, stylish collar, or a bunch of new toys to celebrate the day with your four-legged bestie.

Disney outfits are one of the best things fanatics do at the parks. Their own Polyenisian Village has inspired many a tiki outfit. Why leave your pets out when they can get down at the luau too. This Hawaiian Camp Shirt will look dashing on any furry and/or purry. The only thing not included is coconut water bowls. It comes in sizes itty bitty to chonky.

One of the most beloved properties to Pixar is Toy Story, and at 25 years old, it still has our hearts. A classic for many reasons, from its hilarious aliens to Buzz and Woody’s snappy banter. If you’ve got a friend in your pooch, grab this eye-catch collar and leash combo to put Sid and Scud to shame. These are both made from durable polyester and are even strength-tested to withstand the strongest of pets.

Is your pet pal the number one hero in your world? If so, and you love them 3,000, grab this Iron Man Arc Reactor plush toy. Made of soft material, there’s no fear of this being too ruuuuff on their mouths. The squeaker and crinkle paper stuffed inside will keep them entered for at least one of Tony Stark’s films. Round as it is, it’s easy to toss for a nice game of fetch, and it’s pliable enough to snuggle with. Even Earth’s mightiest pups need naps.

In The Mandalorian, Din Djarin has his precious babe, and you do too, maybe a few of them. Just as he cares for The Child, you have your fur children to look after. Creating a safe and quiet place for them to rest is important. The Mandalorian Bolster Cat & Dog Bed is a great spot for your pet after a long day of chasing banthas and bounding around the galaxy. This comfy bolster bed creates a feeling of security, and the poly-fill cushion is plush to ease into sweet dreams of the rebellion. This adorable bed’s pattern is of the one and only Grogu in various colors. It can be washed in the machine, too, so don’t worry about getting space dust on it.

Chewy offers free shipping on all orders over $49. The prices listed will fluctuate slightly based on what size you need.

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