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Celebrate International Waffle Day With These 5 Easy Recipes 1
Do you know what’s light, crispy golden, and absolutely delicious? Yes, it’s our favourite waffle. The preparation of this snack is quite minimalistic but the taste is what has earned it popularity around the world. International Waffle Day is marked annually on March 25 to celebrate this classic food that has been satiating our cravings for ages. Waffles have a distinct texture, grid shape, and its taste can be enhanced in a plethora of ways. You top it up with whipped cream, drizzle some honey, put a dollop of ice cream or soak it in chocolate, waffles will never disappoint you.Wondering how to celebrate the International Waffle Day? Well, just enjoy the food in any way you like and if you are planning to make them at home, then here are five easy waffle recipes.5 Easy Waffle Recipes To Celebrate International Waffle Day:1. Oz coffee waffleCoffee and waffle together is a combination you just can’t say no to. Infused with the flavour and aroma of coffee, these waffles can be relished in the breakfast or evening too. The ingredients are minimal and the process wouldn’t take much of your time.  Recipe here.2. Nutella wafflesThis is another way you can make your waffle drool-worthy. Just load the waffles with a generous amount of Nutella and you will definitely keep asking for more.  View the recipe here.Also Read: Chef Makes Bizarre Waffles With Truffle And Caviar, Reddit Wonders Why3. Chicken and wafflesThe fluffy treat can also be combined with tender chicken, which results in a heavenly dish. You can also add fried bacons, walnuts with the diced chicken breast and served with some hot syrup. Recipe inside.4. Waffle cakeThis can be the ideal birthday gift for your waffle-lover friends. Fluffy and crispy waffles are layered with maple cheese cream spread and served with maple syrup on top. Click here for the recipe.5. Egg wafflesEgg waffles are scrumptious to eat and easy to make. These are waffled-omelette with the goodness of both an egg and the classic snack. Recipe here.Here’s wishing all our readers a very happy Waffle Day!

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