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If we have to name few desi breakfast options, poha will surely be a popular choice on the list. A staple across India- it is light, wholesome and can be prepared in matter of a few minutes. In fact, it is one of those few dishes, which play a significant role in various food cultures. Take Maharashtra’s Kanda poha and Indori poha-jalebi, for instance. These poha recipes define the food habit of the locals of Maharashtra and Indore, respectively. Likewise, there are different other versions of poha recipes across India and we just love trying each of them. It also won’t be an exaggeration to say that we kind of swear by poha, when it comes to a quick and wholesome breakfast. It seems celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar echoes our feelings.By now, we all know about Rujuta Diwekar’s love for everything desi and organic. She speaks about the goodness of desi ingredients and recipes on her social media handles, every now and then. Keeping up with the tradition, Rujuta recently shared a post on Twitter, speaking about the goodness of poha. With an image of a delicious bowl of poha, she wrote, “In the world full of chia pudding, smoothies and chocos, be the Poha. With narial on top.” Take a look at her tweet.Also Read: Poha With Kala Chana: This Nagpur-Special Tari Poha Is Our Favourite Breakfast Recipe Now In the world full of chia pudding, smoothies and chocos, be the Poha. With naral on top.— Rujuta Diwekar (@RujutaDiwekar) June 4, 2021On several other occasions, we have seen Rujuta speaking about why poha is considered healthy and how it makes for a perfect, light meal. In one such earlier post on Instagram, she wrote, “A light meal – Is a meal that is easy to digest, tasty and nutritious. And if there’s one Indian meal that perfectly fits the bill, it’s the poha. Beaten rice flakes. You can cook it the way you like it. Versatility is at its core.” Find the complete post here.Also Read: Poha Health Benefits: 6 Reasons This Popular Indian Breakfast Food Is Great For YouIn another post, she also mentioned that her secret to a perfect bowl of poha is a pinch of sugar. It helps bring a balance to the flavours in the dish.If all these talks about poha is making you slurp, then you are just at the right place. We bring you the classic poha recipe that can be prepared in just 30 minutes. Click here for the recipe.
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