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Caught On CCTV: Delhi Woman, Friend Fought Shortly Before Car-Drag Horror 1
Because of their loud squabbling, they were reportedly asked by the hotel staff to leave.As the police try to piece together the horrific death of a 20-year-old Delhi woman who was hit by a car and dragged for 12 km on New Years Day using security videos, new CCTV footage shows her fighting with a friend shortly before the accident.Anjali Singh is seen arguing with her friend Nidhi in the footage recorded outside a hotel in Rohini where they had attended a New Year’s Eve party on Saturday evening. They seem to lash out at each other.Because of their loud squabbling, they were reportedly asked by the hotel staff to leave.”They were fighting and abusing each other, that is why the manager asked them to go. They left on their scooty,” said an employee of the Oyo hotel where the party took place.The hotel has shut down after the accident, with a red-and-white balloon arch remaining from that night.In other videos, Anjali is seen leaving on her scooty with Nidhi driving it. After a while, the two swapped places.Around 3 am, a car with five men, allegedly drunk, hit Anjali, who was thrown off. Her leg was stuck in the car’s axle and she was dragged for over an hour by the vehicle that took multiple u-turns.Nidhi reportedly suffered minor injuries and fled the spot, scared.On the third turn, the body broke loose from the car, which drove away. All five occupants of the car have been arrested.Anjali’s body was found without clothes, with her skin peeled off.An autopsy has ruled out sex assault as there is no injury to her private parts, sources say.

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