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The video has accumulated more than 1.2 million views.A video of a man reversing a bike right into a giant and apparently deep pothole on the road has surfaced on the internet. The short clip was shared on Twitter on Sunday by a handle known as ‘Why Men Live Less’. The post has prompted a wave of reactions from netizens and has accumulated more than 1.2 million views. The jaw-dropping video opens to show a man dressed in full gear mounted on his motorcycle, which was parked next to a shop overlooking a busy road. The man then goes on to move his bike backwards without noticing the deep pit right behind him. This is when the biker accidentally steered his bike right into the pit and was seen falling into it and completely vanishing. Watch the video below: Journey to the Center of the Earth— Why men live less (@Menliveless) August 7, 2022The caption of the post jokingly read, “Journey to the centre of the Earth”. Viral Video | Bride And Groom Break Into Intense Fight On Big Day, Internet Asks “What On Earth Is Happening?”The short clip has garnered all kinds of comments. While some internet users found the video hilarious, others expressed concern about the biker’s well-being. One user said, “Actually he is going to another universe that’s why he is going in backwards.” Another wrote, “Not funny at all, I’m sure he got hurt, motorcycles are heavy and I wonder how he could get out.” Viral Video | “Creepy” Video Showing A Tree Breathing Leaves Internet BaffledA third hilariously commented, “We hope he made it to the centre of the earth ok. At least he’ll get there faster with a bike,” while a fourth added, “Gravitational pull, literally”. The location where the incident took place is yet to be known. The video also does not show how the man was pulled or rescued later. Click for more trending news

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