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Police said the man took to stealing cars as he wanted a lavish lifestyle.New Delhi: Three stolen cars, a whole host of car registration number plates, multiple car keys, and car theft devices were recovered from a 42-year-old man – who wanted to be hailed as “Car King” – arrested from the Civil Lines area of Delhi.  The man has been identified as Kunal, a resident of Civil Lines.”A person who goes by the name of Car King has been arrested. We have recovered car parts and keys from him,” said Sagar Singh Kalsi, DCP, North.Explaining the car thief’s modus operandi, Mr Kalsi said: “Say there has been a car accident in Kashmir and the vehicle is not in use. The car owner calls up car Raja and asks him to get him a similar car. On demand, he locates another car and replaces the name plate and registration number.”The accused has nine cases registered against him in various police stations of Delhi, he added.On January 10, said police, Shretank Agrawal of Civil Lines filed a complaint saying a Toyota Fortuner is missing from his home. Acting on a tip off, the police caught Kunal with the same car from Kashmiri Gate. Upon investigation, it was found that the car registration and chassis number did not match.The police also recovered several other cars, number plates, keys and equipment used in car stealing.During further interrogation, the accused, said police, confirmed that he has been stealing luxury cars since 2013. He would then sell the stolen cars in Uttar Pradesh and Kashmir, said police. His father has a shop in Amar colony. The accused, said police, wanted to steal 100 cars and be called “Car King”.Police said the man took to stealing cars as he wanted a lavish lifestyle.

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