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Bride To Serve Only Water At Her Wedding, Internet Calls Her ''A Bad Host'' 1
The woman said that her decision has angered her friends and relatives.Needless to say, weddings are costly affairs and involve a lot of money. That’s why a couple made a rather big decision in order to cut costs at their wedding. In a social media post, a bride-to-be said that she and her new husband-to-be will be serving only water at their wedding later this year. The couple has decided to have a ”dry wedding”, which means that there will be no alcohol, soda, coffee or any other beverage. Notably, the couple and the bride’s grandmother are going to cover part of the expenses for the wedding.The bride took to Reddit on Monday to gauge the public response and to ask whether she was being unreasonable.”We have a lot of kids in our family so we decided against making it child-free but we did decide to make it dry. So there will be no alcohol of any kind at our wedding. Honestly, this doesn’t have anything to do with there being kids there but due to the fact that my fiancé and I don’t drink,” the bride wrote on Reddit.She further wrote that they are getting their wedding catered to provide guests with a good selection of food, but they will only be offering water for drinks.”We don’t want to have to pay for alcohol or soda, it is just a large added expense when we can just do filtered water for a MUCH cheaper cost,” she added.The woman also said that her decision has angered her friends and relatives.”Well, when family and friends found out being got angry. Some didn’t really care but some are really upset about it. Saying that I can just have an open bar so I don’t have to pay for drinks (we could, but still have to pay for the bartender and we just really don’t want to bother with alcohol there). Or we should at least have soda because how can we expect everyone to drink ONLY water? The kids will be upset. The wedding will be boring. That this is not how weddings work. Etc,” she added.The post has received a lot of comments, a majority of them sided with the guests. One user wrote, ”The wedding is for everyone you’ve invited, it’s an event you’re hosting, and not providing any drinks other than water makes you a bad host/hostess.” Another said, ”It’s cheap and tacky to only serve water. I would 100% be pregaming in the parking lot if I found out I couldn’t even get an iced tea or a soda.” ”I wouldn’t necessarily say YTA but your wedding sounds boring and I wouldn’t want to go,” read a third comment.A fourth added, ”When you’re hosting an event, your job as hostess is to take care of your guests. Just because it follows a marriage ceremony doesn’t make you any less the host of an event. And that means providing more than one drink option, especially non-alcoholic. Especially to an event your guests are incurring expenses to attend and bringing gifts too.”Click for more trending news

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