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Morbi is dominated by Patidars (File)Morbi: As it races to its best-ever result in Gujarat, the ruling BJP is leading in Morbi, where more than 130 people were killed in a horrific bridge collapse on October 30.The BJP’s Kantibhai Amrutiya, a five-time MLA, is leading in the constituency that has been in the spotlight since the bridge tragedy, in which the local administration was blamed for violating rules while hiring a private company for repairs and maintenance.Mr Amrutiya was seen in a viral video wading into the river, trying to help with rescue operations.Jayanti Patel is the Congress candidate and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) fielded Pankaj Ransariya.The colonial-era bridge collapsed days after it reopened following seven months of maintenance by Oreva, a company that is primarily known as a watch maker. The owners are yet to be arrested.Morbi is dominated by Patidars.The BJP dropped its sitting MLA, Brijesh Mishra, a former Congress leader who is also a minister in the current government. Featured Video Of The Day”This Won’t Form A Trend”: Senior Journalist On AAP Trailing In Early Gujarat Leads

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