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Two police officers were among those injured at Bankabedi in Madhya Pradesh’s Narmadapuram district.Bhopal: A BJP leader attacked the election staff in a village in Madhya Pradesh even after becoming the new sarpanch, because his sister-in-law could not become a panchayat member. Now this new sarpanch of village Bankabedi in Narmadapuram district, Varun Patel Raghuvanshi — who is the BJP’s block unit president — is named in a police case along with at least 10 others. Cops are looking for them.It was just after the election results on Friday that Mr Raghuvanshi first sought to pressure the presiding officer to recount the votes a ward that his sister-in-law, Rani Jaswant Patel, could not win. The officer refused.This angered Mr Raghuvanshi and his squad so much that they tore ballot papers and assaulted the staff with sticks and baseball bats, injuring presiding officer Ratnesh Tiwari, an official named Gaurav Prajapati, police inspector Ramprasad Karveti and constable Atul Vishwakarma. District Collector Neeraj Singh and area police chief Gurkaran Singh also reached the village, which is about 100 km from state capital Bhopal. But the leader and his supporters were yet to be traced.

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