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Bisleri Founder's Daughter To Lead Family Business As Tata Opts Out Of Deal: Report 1
Ramesh Chauhan stated that he has no plans to sell his packaged water business.Days after Tata Consumer Products Ltd (TCPL) withdrew from the acquisition process, Bisleri International chairman Ramesh Chauhan said that his daughter, Jayanti Chauhan, will head the bottled water company. Speaking to Economic Times, Mr Chauhan reiterated that he has no plans to sell his packaged water business and is not in talks with any parties for the same. He also confirmed that his daughter will now steer the company with the professional team headed by CEO Angelo George. “Jayanti will run the company with our professional team and we do not want to sell the business,” Ramesh Chauhan told Economic Times. Notably, Jayanti Chauhan is currently the vice chairperson at the company that her father promoted and built. According to the website, the 42-year-old has been involved with the business over the years. The Vedika brand, which is part of Bisleri’s portfolio, has been her focus in recent years. “She is driving innovation at Bisleri and ensures that each and every department functions to the maximum. Ms. Chauhan provides key insights in marketing and branding along with a keen interest in Digital Marketing and is completely involved in advertising and communication development at Bisleri, the company’s website reads. Further, it also states that Ms Chauhan has been spearheading the Sales and Marketing teams, ensuring both market penetration and building brand value.Also Read | “No Plans To Sell Bisleri Now,” Says Chairman Ramesh ChauhanMeanwhile, this news comes days after Mr Chauhan announced that he has no plans to sell his packaged water business Bisleri International. He had been in negotiations with the Tata group’s FMCG arm TCPL for nearly four months but the deal did not go through. In a regulatory update, TCPL said it has not entered into any agreements over the acquisition of Bisleri. “In this regard, the company wishes to update that it has now ceased negotiations with Bisleri with regard to a potential transaction and to confirm that the company has not entered into any definitive agreement or binding commitment on this matter,” the company stated.

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