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Mr Gates also talked about climate change.Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates will become a grandfather in 2023. His daughter Jennifer is expecting her first child with her husband Nayel Nassar next year. Mr Gates in a blog talked about how the next generation will grow up in a world worse off due to climate crises.In the blog titled “The future our grandchildren deserve” Mr Gates wrote, “…I started looking at the world through a new lens recently-when my older daughter gave me the incredible news that I’ll become a grandfather next year.”He added, “Simply typing that phrase, ‘I’ll become a grandfather next year,’ makes me emotional. And the thought gives a new dimension to my work.””When I think about the world my grandchild will be born into, I’m more inspired than ever to help everyone’s children and grandchildren have a chance to survive and thrive,” the 67-year-old wrote in his blog.He shared that he was wrong to think in his twenties that grandparents’ have nothing to offer the world at large. “As I get older, though, I see how wrong I was.”His daughter Jennifer announced her pregnancy in November.In his blog, he also talked about the centrepiece of his concern for the next generation- climate change. Mr Gates said warming temperatures have started taking a toll on society and action should be taken to protect the future generation.He wrote, “I can sum up the solution to climate change in two sentences: We need to eliminate global emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050. Extreme weather is already causing more suffering, and if we don’t get to net-zero emissions, our grandchildren will grow up in a world that is dramatically worse off.” Featured Video Of The DayDays When Afghanistan Used By Others As “Strategic Depth” Are Over: India At UN

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