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Food delivery platforms have transformed the way people order food. Earlier, the only way we could order food was through paper versions of menus that we had collected and by calling up the restaurant ourselves. However, with the advent of technology and food delivery apps, ordering food has become easier than ever. We can now order our favourite food at the click of a button. And even while ordering food from these apps, people want their food to be cooked in a specific way. Just like every other food delivery app, Zomato has a ‘cooking instructions’ section after adding your preferred items to the cart. Recently, Zomato took to Twitter to share a post requesting its customers to stop giving a particular cooking instruction.  Also read: Swiggy Asks Which Foods Twitter Relates To Breakup – Responses Will Surprise You”Guys please stop writing “bhaiya accha banana” (Bro, make it good) as cooking instructions,” read the post shared by Zomato on the micro-blogging platform. The comment ended with a man facepalming emoji. Take a look at Zomato’s tweet below: guys please stop writing “bhaiya accha banana” as cooking instructions 🤦‍♂️— zomato (@zomato) December 22, 2022Since being posted, the tweet has garnered over 294.5K views, 6.2K likes and several comments. While some users shared how they liked their order to be, others did not support Zomato’s quirky post and started slamming it for its high delivery and packaging charges. Check out some of the reactions below: bhaya thoda theekha banana should be a option on gol-gappe cart list.— Anjali🥤 (@iamanjali16) December 22, 2022pls increase words limit of instructions. i can’t mention all of my cooking instructions in few words 😭😭😭— Chai Kadak ☕ (@Chai_n_love) December 22, 2022Hey @zomato , Main to humesha “Bhaiya mummy ke hath ke swaad jesa banana likhti hun”— Kirti Goswami (@Kirtea_goswami) December 23, 2022Please stop cheating customers by charging for packaging charges. If the good is ordered online, it is supposed to be packed. Also, don’t forget that you also charge hefty to the restaurant to increase the prices.— Abhishek Bakshe (@abhishekbakshe) December 22, 2022Zomato please stop taking extra money in the name of delivery & tax charges 🤦🏻‍♀️— Bhumi (@bhumii_jain) December 22, 2022What do you think about Zomato’s post? Do let us know in the comments section below.  Featured Video Of The DayMulled Wine Recipe | How To Make Mulled Wine

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