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There is no denying the beauty of the Tuscan countryside and, on day trips from Florence, no matter where you are headed, you will be inundated with opportunities to get the camera out. You only have to browse through a coffee table travel book, pursue a high end destination magazine or sift through a postcard or two and you will no doubt come across a picture of the iconic Tuscan landscape. But what exactly are the best photo shots you should be looking out for when you are hanging out in the cities or heading out into the Tuscan sunshine on day trips from Florence? Our Top 5 Photo Opps Stunning Sunflowers It is not just a rumour that sunflowers blanket the fields of Tuscany for much of the months of June and July, and when you witness these scenes in their full glory the image will stay with you always – especially if you capture it on your iphone or camera! On day trips from Florence at this time of the year, your guide will no doubt stop in prime spots so you can snap away to your heart’s content. Remember when photographing these magnificent flowers that they tilt upwards toward the sun during the day, and then as twilight falls they bow their heads. Make sure you catch them when their heads are held high. Madonna di Vitaleta Chapel, San Quirico d’Orcia This beautiful chapel is located on the top of a charming hill and lined with the tall, elegant cypress trees we have come to associate with Tuscany. Right in the heart of the Val d’Orcia, the Madonna di Vitaleta Chapel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site easily reached in two hours on day trips from Florence. Despite not being able to enter the chapel, the exterior and surrounding scenery are more photogenic than you can imagine, particularly when the fields below are graced by the annual display of whispering poppies. The town of San Gimignano Famed for its 14 remaining towers that appear out of nowhere as you drive through the Chianti countryside, San Gimignano is an eighth century town built originally as a feudal castle. Surrounded by defensive walls, the town was once home to 72 towers that were built as houses for the local families. Take photos of the town or from it for equally stunning picture perfect images. Gardens of La Foce A top photo spot in Tuscany, the road leading to the La Foce gardens in the southern part of the Val d’Orcia zigzags up an expansive hill lined by cypress trees. Many postcards and classic Tuscan depictions are based on this scene; see if you can capture it in the same way. The Val d’Orcia Landscapes Any of the day trips from Florence that take in the Val d’Orcia countryside will be abundant in photo opportunities. Around every turn a new panorama evolves and invites you to capture it in an image. The roads around San Quirico, Bagno Vignoni and Montalcino are prime photographic locations. Book your tour with a local and reliable tour operator and you can guarantee small group travel and a flexible itinerary that will allow for lots of photo stops. Author Plate Mauro Bramante is the Director of WalkAbout Florence, an independent business offering unforgettable tours and excursions around Italy including the best day trips from Florence. Whether you want to ride a Vintage Vespa, try the famous Chianti wine or get cooking with fresh local ingredients, Mauro’s company promises excitement, adventure and above all, fun. If you’re keen to experience the magic of Italy with the help of some passionate and knowledgeable tour guides, look no further than WalkAbout Florence for your next getaway.
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