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Smaller eateries have also been dealt a double blow due to Covid and rising gas prices (Representational)Bengaluru: The hospitality industry, which was badly-hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, is facing another challenge with the cost of gas cylinders rising rapidly. Even though several states in India have allowed restaurants and cafes to resume operations, profits have been slim due to the high prices of LPG.The owner of Bengaluru’s Udupi Mane Thindi restaurant, Vijay Kumar, told NDTV that it has become difficult for them to run an eatery. “The cost of a cylinder today is Rs 1595. We use six cylinders a day – about 200 cylinders a month. The cost of everything has gone up, but we haven’t raised the cost of items because business is down because of coronavirus. So we are maintaining prices. It is very difficult for us to run a hotel,” Mr Kumar said.Despite the profits taking a hit, the restaurant has continued its operations as it employs 50 people.Smaller eateries have also been dealt a double blow due to Covid and rising gas prices.Rahmat, who sells biryani, told NDTV that his business is dead as even the rents have gone up. “What shall we live on? Rents are up and business is dead. We use a cylinder a day – so calculate how much that is in a month. We have to keep Rs 50000 just for gas,” Mr Rahmat said.Several small restaurants in Bengaluru have had to halt their operations in the last few days.Bengaluru Urban district recorded 148 new Covid cases in the last 24 hours.

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