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The man is seen swimming on the ground floor of his home in the video.No one was spared by the catastrophic Bengaluru floods, not the impoverished living in their huts nor the wealthy CEOs living in their opulent houses. High-end property residents remained trapped for the fourth consecutive day on Thursday. The Bengaluru civic body was blamed for not being prepared when heavy rain triggered floods in the IT city almost drowning flats and villas, some of which cost up to several crores apiece.A video of a man swimming in the living room of his villa in the upscale neighbourhood of Epsilon has gone viral on social media.In the video, the man can be seen swimming on the ground floor of his house, and several other household items are floating along with him.#BengaluruFloods: Water floods Epsilon Villa in #BengaluruRain#Karnatakaఇలాంటి వీడియోలు పోస్ట్ చేయరు బత్తాయిలు 👇— 𝐊𝐂𝐑 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟑 ❤️‍🔥 (@RajuKCRTrs9999) September 7, 2022Epsilon, the posh neighbourhood in Bengaluru, is home to powerful people and billionaires like Wipro Chairman Rishad Premji and Britannia CEO Varun Berry.Some billionaires from modern startups, like Byju’s Raveendran and Big Basket co-founder Abhinay Choudhari also live in the same locality. Ashok Genomal, MD of Page Industries (Jockey), is one of the 150 people that reside there.But nature sees us all as equal, and overnight, Epsilon went from being a Utopia of the Rich to nothing less than a drowned land – to the point where the population had to be evacuated in boats.The wealthy residents of the city and the nation’s multi-million dollar residences are now without electricity or water as a result of Sunday night’s torrential rain.Another video of flooded Epsilon that shows first responders pointing to submerged and floating German and Italian cars has been making the rounds on social media.#Bangalore’s richest community Epsilon 🤬😡— Arjun Bir Sahi 🇮🇳 (@arjunbirsahi) September 6, 2022By Tuesday morning, the fire and rescue services had successfully rescued and evacuated all of the stranded families at Epsilon.The majority of them have relocated to rented homes or to the residences of their friends or family.

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