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    There are many beliefs that gaming is just a waste of time and you get nothing for playing games but there are also many benefits of gaming.In this article I will discuss some of the benefits of gaming.

1. Decision Making 
By gaming one can make decisions faster because in online games you have to response quickly and you have to be attentive all the time which improves reflexes.In real life it helps you to make decision faster in critical situations.

2.Keeps You Happy
Gaming can relief stress.Because while gaming one is so immersed in gaming that HeShe forgets about all the stress and tension and any problems.And it makes you happy and a happy man is a healthy man.

3.Slows Down Aging
All human beings have some thing in common thats aging.
Exercise can help a person to age slow or it makes a person look young.It will can help the body to feel like 50 even if a person is 60.
Gaming does the same.A person that is 60 but does gaming will look like 50 years old because video games help in mantaining health because any task that requires exercising your mind will help it to stay sharper and if mind of a person is sharp he will feel young.

4.Improve Learning
Gaming can improve learning abilities of a person because in games in some levels a player has to solve puzzles and use brain and include constant thinking.
So the games having puzzles can improve learning and memorising abilities of a person.

5.Makes you Social
It is a stereotype that gamers are not social but it is actually not true because in online games a player plays with friends in order to solve things and also for teamwork.
About 70% of people play with friends while playing online games.

6.Improves Concentration
Games generally action games and online games requires concentration all the time in order to pass the level which generally improves a person’s concentration ability and attention.

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