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The biologists responded quickly and spotted the cub, which was sitting on a tree.Wildlife biologists in Connecticut, in the United States, had to rescue a bear cub who stuck its head in a transparent plastic jar, according to wildlife officials.The official page of Connecticut Fish And Wildlife shared a post on June 30 which said that the cub was rescued by Connecticut DEEP (Department of Energy and Environmental Protection) wildlife biologists.According to the post, the scientists of the DEEP wildlife division came to know about the bear cub last week.Due to the warm temperature and the tight fit of the container, it was important to try and release the cub as soon as possible, it added.The biologists responded quickly and spotted the cub, which was sitting on a tree. The cub was successfully tranquillised. After the shot, it fell from the tree and the transparent plastic container was removed.Fortunately, the container did not cause any harm to the bear, the officials were quoted as saying by Connecticut Fish And Wildlife in the Facebook post. After being set free, the cub quickly found its mother, who was waiting nearby.The division also asked for a favour from people and wrote, “Everyone can help wildlife from getting stuck in these kinds of situations by properly securing trash and recyclables. Whether it’s balloons, fishing line, or plastic containers, wildlife can often ingest or become entangled in improperly disposed or stored items.”The post received thousands of likes on Facebook. Users can be seen thanking the wildlife division for helping the bear free in the comment box.”Thank you, Connecticut Fish and Wildlife, for helping the bear and spreading the word on articles left behind by humans that are really harmful to animals,” wrote a user.While another said, “Thank you!!!!! Poor thing must have been terrified, mama too.” 

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