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Fire 7 Tablet | $40 | Amazon

Look, nobody’s going to tell you that a $40 tablet is just as good as an iPad or that it’s a truly excellent device. But $40 is a shockingly low price to pay for a functional tablet, and if your needs are relatively lightweight, then the Amazon Fire 7 might be well worth it.

The Fire 7 has a 7-inch screen that’s low-res at 1024×600, but crisp enough at that screen size to be usable, and while the processing power probably won’t be enough to handle 3D games very well, it’ll do just fine for watching videos and reading ebooks. In other words, if you want a portable screen that’s larger than your smartphone for consuming media in bed or when away from home, it’s just $40. That’s wild.

It’s $10 off the already-tiny list price in all colors right now. You can also go a bit larger with the Fire 8 HD tablet at $60, or $30 off the list price, which gets you a crisper 8-inch screen, more processing power, and a longer-lasting battery with USB-C charging.

This story was originally published by Andrew Hayward on 01/20/2021 and updated by Andrew Hayward with new information on 03/29/2021. 

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